Friday, January 9, 2009


SH came back from lunch today to announce that CM should be put under arrest. Stef asked him why and he said "She took, my trash and threw it away without asking." Stef asked him if he was going to stay with the teachers or if he was going to go back to lunch. He turned around and walked out of the classroom.

During Weight Training SH was lying on the ground while CM was playing with her teacher. SH was becoming agitated with CM when suddenly he jumps up and says "CM you are under arrest for lying, stealing and fishing without a license!"

Hope you don't get caught for fishing without a license too!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dirty photos

My dear SS has since departed our school and while I miss him dearly he has left my team with some excellent memories. A personal favorite is about a "dirty" photo. SS was in pottery and for the end of the semester the teacher was having them make collages out of magazine pictures. At some point during pottery SS found a picture of a woman in her underwear with flames in the background. The photo is so dark that you can't even really see the woman, but it did elude to the skin that should be seen. During this student's daily pocket check the "racy" photo was discovered and confiscated. Although it's not really a bad picture it's not a picture that I want to explain to parents about when they ask why I let him keep it.

I smell pretty oh so pretty

Today CM asked me to go to the bathroom. She had been gone for awhile when Miss Ann came into my room laughing. I asked her what had happened and she said that she was walking down the hall when she was stopped by our Nurse's assistant. Of course I get nervous that CM has done something but come to find out CM goes to the bathroom takes the air deodorizer and sprays it on her wrists and neck. Sure enough CM comes struting down the hallway smelling herself. So Ann had to take her back into the bathroom to explain to her that this spray was used when someone has pooped and wants to make the room smell better. CM's response was "AH, POO POO!"