Friday, June 17, 2011


I think that come August, I may need to revisit this blog, too many funny things happen with my students and I really must share these stories.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Macho Macho Man

The last couple of days my friend SH has been quite silly! He has been yelling at me because I have not returned the class fish to our class from the summer. On a regular basis he says "BRING GABRIELLA BACK MISS MEGAN" and putting me "under arrest" I have been VERY bad.

Then yesterday at the end of the day Shane had left for the day, when all the of a sudden he comes running in arms flailing "WAIT WAIT WAIT! I forgot my jacket!" The vision of a tall gangly looking goof ball running into the room sent both Stefanie and I into stitches.

Finally, this morning SH was playing with his legos when he jumped up and ran across the room to the mirror and flexed his muscles. Mr. skinny arms pushed up the sleeves and flexed both arms. He turned and modeled his muscles to me. I commented on his muscles and he flexed again.

Silly boy!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Only 1 Bus!

Sometimes the smallest things can upset the students I work with, on this particular day it happened to be that there was only 1 bus, when we generally have 2. This was very upsetting for my friend S.H. He was throwing the ultimate of fits. We had called his mother after several attempts to calm him down, but alas we had no hope. We feared today would be a loss for him. Mom had said that S.H.'s father would be picking him up. The site leader and myself then discussed who would stay behind with him and we decided to send the bus on it's way. The bus driver started up the bus, just then S.H. screamed, jumped up and ran as fast as he could onto the bus. All was fine for the remainder of the day. If only we'd known all it would take was starting the bus....

"OOL" There is no 'P' in our pool, Let's keep it that way.

I've been volunteering with a community called Wellspring this summer teaching them aquaerobics. Wellspring is an organization that hopes to establish a residential facility for adults with disabilities. This facility would also provide a place of employment for the residents that it hosts. Anyway there are about 16 participants and I get to spend an hour of my afternoon working with them. My team teacher Stef is the teacher for this program for the summer and overheard one student saying to another. "Do you ever pee in the pool?" The other student replied "Yeah, I just did." No matter the age, I guess we have to review the rule that we are not supposed to pee in the pool.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday

The other day we celebrated C.M's birthday. She had been bothering her mother for over a month saying "Birthday, Birthday." So her mother called us and asked if she could bring in cupcakes even though C.M.'s birthday isn't until July. We said yes and her mother brought in cupcakes, juice, baloons (upon C.M.'s request) and a card. We passed the card around to have the class sign it. When the card got to S.H. he stared at if for awhile. Stef prompted him to write his name so he slowly wrote his name. When he was finished Stefanie reached for it and he said "I'm not done yet." So Stefanie waited while he wrote a little note. On the card S.H. had written Happy 16th Birthday Sweetheart, We love you so much.

He's so sweet, he loves his C.M.

Friday, April 10, 2009

I love technology always and forever.

This morning I saw something I really wasn't prepared for at 7:20 in the morning or at school. We have some very cool software for our kids to become more independent and one of them is a program that interprets what you say into the microphone. It can not only type for you, but you can browse the internet and even navigate tool bars. What a great option for some of our students, but you must get the device to get used to the users voice. So that's what were doing. K.K. and I were sitting on the computer and she said "Hi, my name is K.K." and the computer typed Hi, my nude gay porn. I freaked out and quickly deleted the text that had popped onto the screen. Thankfully the script was too small for K. to read so I was able to delete it before she knew what had been typed. Gotta love the quirks of technology.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm allergic to babies

So today was a VERY exciting day one of our para's Lara told our class that she was having a baby (very exciting news for me) The kids were very excited but SH just sat in the back of the room and said nothing. So I asked him if he was excited and he said "Uh, no, I'm very allergic to babies."