Sunday, July 19, 2009

Only 1 Bus!

Sometimes the smallest things can upset the students I work with, on this particular day it happened to be that there was only 1 bus, when we generally have 2. This was very upsetting for my friend S.H. He was throwing the ultimate of fits. We had called his mother after several attempts to calm him down, but alas we had no hope. We feared today would be a loss for him. Mom had said that S.H.'s father would be picking him up. The site leader and myself then discussed who would stay behind with him and we decided to send the bus on it's way. The bus driver started up the bus, just then S.H. screamed, jumped up and ran as fast as he could onto the bus. All was fine for the remainder of the day. If only we'd known all it would take was starting the bus....

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