Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Macho Macho Man

The last couple of days my friend SH has been quite silly! He has been yelling at me because I have not returned the class fish to our class from the summer. On a regular basis he says "BRING GABRIELLA BACK MISS MEGAN" and putting me "under arrest" I have been VERY bad.

Then yesterday at the end of the day Shane had left for the day, when all the of a sudden he comes running in arms flailing "WAIT WAIT WAIT! I forgot my jacket!" The vision of a tall gangly looking goof ball running into the room sent both Stefanie and I into stitches.

Finally, this morning SH was playing with his legos when he jumped up and ran across the room to the mirror and flexed his muscles. Mr. skinny arms pushed up the sleeves and flexed both arms. He turned and modeled his muscles to me. I commented on his muscles and he flexed again.

Silly boy!

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