Friday, April 10, 2009

I love technology always and forever.

This morning I saw something I really wasn't prepared for at 7:20 in the morning or at school. We have some very cool software for our kids to become more independent and one of them is a program that interprets what you say into the microphone. It can not only type for you, but you can browse the internet and even navigate tool bars. What a great option for some of our students, but you must get the device to get used to the users voice. So that's what were doing. K.K. and I were sitting on the computer and she said "Hi, my name is K.K." and the computer typed Hi, my nude gay porn. I freaked out and quickly deleted the text that had popped onto the screen. Thankfully the script was too small for K. to read so I was able to delete it before she knew what had been typed. Gotta love the quirks of technology.

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