Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday

The other day we celebrated C.M's birthday. She had been bothering her mother for over a month saying "Birthday, Birthday." So her mother called us and asked if she could bring in cupcakes even though C.M.'s birthday isn't until July. We said yes and her mother brought in cupcakes, juice, baloons (upon C.M.'s request) and a card. We passed the card around to have the class sign it. When the card got to S.H. he stared at if for awhile. Stef prompted him to write his name so he slowly wrote his name. When he was finished Stefanie reached for it and he said "I'm not done yet." So Stefanie waited while he wrote a little note. On the card S.H. had written Happy 16th Birthday Sweetheart, We love you so much.

He's so sweet, he loves his C.M.

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