Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where's Phillip?

Today we had a class outing to the Target and Petsmart near by. As we were getting onto the bus. I did a head count, and then called Stef to do a head count. 16 kids, perfect. We get back to school and quickly prepare for 4th period. My math class comes in gets their work together and is ready to go. "Where's P.L.?" I ask
"Oh he's in the bathroom." Great, well let's get started. I start the fluency test and get the class prepared started. 5 minutes passes. P.L. is stillin the bathroom? I walk next door, no P.L. I call Cheryl over.
"Have you seen P.L.?" We walk down the hall to towards the bathroom. We stop a passing teacher and ask him if he would check the bathroom. No P.L. Now I start to panic. I head down the hall to Academic Support where Stef is working.
"Have you seen P.L." I ask
"No, was he on your bus?" Stef asks
"No, I don't think so, was he on yours?" I'm beginning to really freak out now.
"No, have you seen him since we got back?"
"No, you don't think he's at Target still do you?"
"I'don't know, should we run up there?" I walk quickly back to my class. Cheryl suggests that we call Target and Petsmart. Stefanie decides to head up to PetsMart. No answer at Target.
I run back to my computer to look up Target's number, when Cory calls. "A.S., broke his leg." Cory says before I can say hello.
"WHAT!?!?! Are you kidding me?" I shriek into the phone. I really can't handle this now.
"Just kidding, no, I have to go.... blah blah blah" I didn't hear the rest because now that I didn't have to worry about A.S., I started to worry about. P.L. again.
"Hey, Cory have you seen P.L.?"
"Oh yeah, didn't you read the note, him mom took him to the Dentist."
"WHAT!" Oh, the breath returns to my body.

Later I log into Powerschool to take attendance. Guess I should've done that first. I would have saw that he'd been excused. OOOPS!

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