Friday, December 12, 2008

Fire Drill

7:20 School starts
7:21 Stef comes in and says we're going for a walk and finger spells "fire Drill"
7:30 Kids with coat and ready to go.
7:30 1/2 SH throwing a fit
7:31 Ultimatum, Stay in here until fire drill or come outside now
7:31 1/2 SH walks outside
7:34 Outside with kids, FREEZING!
7:35 Class huddled in a circle singing Christmas Carols
7:36 SH shaking knees with no arms!
7:50 Back in Class

How often did your high school classes huddle together and sing Christmas Carols? Jealous?

1 comment:

NJM said...

Totally jealous! If I tried that they'd pick me up and throw me somewhere.