Thursday, December 11, 2008

I probably don't like you either.

About a week ago our student SH had a difficult day. Someone had sat at his table and this was out of the ordinary and change is very difficult. As he was crying in my room my para Lara asked him about Christmas and he replied "Christmas is cancelled." She asked him why and if he asked Christmas and his reply was "No, I don't like Christmas and I probably don't like you either."
Later that afternoon SH was lying on the couch in Miss Stef's room and I was asking him a question. Again SH replied. "I probably don't like you either Mrs. Ostedgaard." This ridiculous statement became the topic of conversation between myself and the staff.
I told myself I would write about it, however I completely forgot because things have been a little crazy lately. Well today during math SH was working on his math and he said "Mrs. Ostedgaard, I probably don't you like you either." I replied. "Well SH I like you." Of course he responded with "NO NO NO, I probably don't like you either. Miss Ann, Miss Megan and I are fighting." We continued bantering back and forth until the end of class.

I do so enjoy my students!

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