Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Outside Looking In.

I haven't written in a while and so I thought I would share a little bit about some of the events that occur that feel "normal" to me but are very odd to the people around us.

Today, we had a student who was upset and decided to run out of the classroom and cry. Another teacher who does not teach special education came into my room to ask me some questions, as he walked in he said "Did you know that there is a boy crying outside in the hallway." and I said "Oh he's fine." He was surprised by my reaction, but didn't seem too concerned. I of course immediately knew who the student was and that he was going to fine there, he just needed to time to cool off, however to the average high school teacher, this was very unusual behavior.

The second event occurred this afternoon. One of our students is having a very difficult time keeping her hands to herself and we have made 4 trips to the deans office for hitting this year. Finally we decided that maybe she would need to talk to a police officer to scare her into behaving. The police officer comes in and as soon as he sees her he softens up and smiles at her. I cannot fault him entirely she is cute and very sweet, but when you know the student has been hitting and you have been called in for back up you've gotta help a sista out.

The last story also happened this afternoon. I was working diligently in my room and Miss Stef is next door working with some kids. I hear some screaming and foot stomping and I immediately know that it is our of our students and I know exactly which one. I smile and refocus on my work knowing all too well that Miss Stef has taken care of whatever it is. I look out my the window in my door just in time to see S.H. flashing past my door. I watch for another second and wait for Stef or someone else to come out looking for him and after a moment no one comes out. So I walk out of my room and around the corner and see S.H. smiling to himself sitting on a bench. I ask him what happens and he says something that I don't catch and I ask him to come with me. He take my hand and follows me back in to Miss Stef's class. He mentions something about a box hitting his nose and I have no idea what he is talking about. Stefanie tells me that they were throwing band aids across the room as a game and one accidentally hit him in the nose at this time S.H. pretends to faint on the floor. I laugh and walk back to my room to finish my work. All in a day's work I guess.

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