Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Count Counts

During math today we have the Autism choir break out into a chant. In case you aren't familiar the Autism choir is a benevolent phrase used for students who are echolalic, meaning students with Autism sometimes have the ability to repeat things that have heard in the past. Some students are able to parrot a line, or voice to a tee. When this occurs with multiple students with Autism it has the potential to get other students with Autism to parrot that student, thus coining the name Autism choir.
Anyway now that you've had your Special Education lesson of the day I can continue with the story. My 4A math class is full of diligent workers. Each student is working hard at their own station and there is a buzz in the classroom as the students complete their work. It's not loud, just a the nice buzz of students working hard. I am circulating the class looking for anyone who may require assistance when I pass by my friend S.H. and he counting his quarters in an exact parrot of the count from Sesame Street. "One, Two, Three. AH AH AH AH!" Then "One, Two, Three, Four, Five. AH AH AH AH!" I giggle softly to myself and move on to the next student. When from across the room I hear P.L. say "One, Two, Three. AH AH AH AH!" Then "One, Two, Three, Four, Five. AH AH AH AH!" The room slowly erupts into silent giggles as my 3 paraprofessionals and 1 student assistant hear the choir break out into a round of counting like the Count. Needless to say, very little was accomplished after this.

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