Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Spaghetti with Meatballs

The following blog was actually written for 10/3/08

Today was a very special day as I was lucky enough to eat lunch with 5 of my students. This happens every other day but it usually is one of my favorite times of day because I get to socialize with my students and hear what they talk about with each other. The students purchase their lunch and then we all eat together, today I had Spaghetti. The students wanted to know what kind of spaghetti and I said my dad made it. D.C. wanted to know if it had meatballs in it and I said “No, my dad doesn’t like to make meatballs.” This started D.C. on a five minute monologue about how she likes meatballs and thinks that my father should make meatballs when he makes spaghetti. OF course then B.N. jumps in and says she doesn’t like meatballs or spaghetti and D.C. says that doesn’t make sense. The two chatter back and forth about spaghetti for quite some time until D.C. Suddenly turns to me and says “I think you should get your father’s recipe and bring in some spaghetti for all of us.” It’s funny what subjects bring about such heated discussions.

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