Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mario and Bowser

I think one of the greatest things about my class is the ability to just remain an observer at different times of the day. Two of my favorite times to observe my students are right before school and at the end of the day. These are two times when all of the students are in Stef and I’s classroom. The chaos that occurs with 19 special education students is quite hilarious. Yes, of course, it is managed chaos with 6 adults helping these students make sure they have everything they need to go home, however the student interaction is priceless.
This morning I had a wonderful opportunity to sit and observe as two of my students talked about Mario and Bowser. I sat on the couch waiting for a student to return and watched as B.S. explained to me in full detail how he Mario saves the princess from the bad guy. Of course, neither he nor I could recall the name of the bad guy in Super Mario Brothers, but there is always someone there to assist you. My friend S.H. perks up and says “Bowser” in his high pitched voice. B.S. replies “OH YEAH!!!” and pulls out his magic sword (2 straws taped together.) S.H. hops up from the couch and begins growling and hissing like he’s Bowser. Mario (B.S.) waves his magic sword at Bowser (S.H.) and jumps up like he’s in the game. The two continue their play fight for about five minutes until Mario swings his sword one final time and exclaims “HA! I’VE GOT YOU NOW! YOU’RE DEAD BOWSER!” and Bowser falls to the floor in the most theatrical death scene I have ever witnessed. I think he would put some actors and actresses to shame. Bowser slumps the floor and right before he breathes his final breath he says “I’ll get you someday Mario.” And with that the scene ends. Something’s are too good to miss.

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